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  • What is a sea sponge?

The Sea Sponge is not a coral, and is not a plant, rather it is classified as an animal which has neither brain nor central nervous system Sea Sponges live on the ocean floor, they attach themselves permanently to a solid location under the water and they do not move around. Sponges are commonly dark under the water, this is due to the dark membrane which covers the sponge which acts like skin and protects the inner soft skeleton. Sea sponges are incredibly durable and an efficient tool for dozens of different tasks such us bathing, make up removal, painting, car wash, household care and many more.

Sea sponges are most well known as a luxurious, natural alternative for bathing and cosmetics but are also great for cleaning of all kinds, dish washing, pet bathing, car washing, exfoliation, wall painting, arts and crafts, water color painting, nautical themed décor, photography props, first aid, and even as an alternative to tampons for natural feminine hygiene. 

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They are more than 5,000 different kinds of natural sea sponges over the world, but only a few are actually sold for commercial use.  The most well-known of these are the Mediterranean Silk, the Mediterranean Honeycomb, Grass sponge, Hard type sponge and Elephant Ear. We at Kalymnos Shop select only the best of those.

The answer is YES! Here are some reasons why you should choose a natural sea sponge over a synthetic one:

1. an artificial sponge is an oil industrial product
2. natural sponges are more resistant to abrasion
3. natural sponges are softer , as it is highly hydrophilic, absorb water several times its volume without eliminating it.
4. natural sponges clean themselves through complex communicating channels from which they are composed.
5. natural sponges do not stain and does not retain odors.
6. natural sponges do not cause alergeies and in no way can harm the skin of the one who uses it.
7. using natural sponge skin pores open, allowing the skin to breathe better and facilitate blood circulation.

  • Are sea sponges earth friendly?

YES!  Sea sponges are extremely earth-friendly.  Natural sea sponges are truly 100% natural from their unhampered-with cellular structure, to their naturally occurring sea minerals, to their eco-processing.  They’re fully biodegradable.  And sea sponges are also earth-friendly, because of their sustainable harvesting with minimal waste which has actually been shown to promote the growth of sponge colonies and enhance the ocean’s ecosystem. When sponges are harvested, those collecting the sponges are careful to ensure that the base (roots) of the sponge remains in tact so as the sponge has the ability to regenerate and re-grow back to its original form. The natural sea sponge is a renewable resource from the sea which has been harvested for over 200 years. If not harvested, sea sponges have a definitive life span of approximately 10 years, harvesting allows for re-generation and extended life.

OFCOURSE!  All natural sea sponges are toxin and chemical-free.  Most natural sea sponges are also much softer than synthetic alternatives and absolutely safe and gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. Specifically Fine Silk sponge and Honeycomb Sponge have hypoallergenic qualities, contain natural enzymes that eliminate odors, molds and bacteria’s and natural minerals that are actually good for your skin, lather well, are super soft to the touch, and are very durable.  

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YES!  Because natural sea sponges are very soft, absorbent, and hypoallergenic, they are the perfect choice for newborns and children. At Kalymnos Shop we offer 2 different varieties that are 100% safe and natural for bathing your little one. Fine Silk sponges are perfect for infants and babies with especially sensitive skin or for those desire a gently-cleansing bathing experience that requires little to no soap and Honeycomb Sponges  are great for babies and toddlers because they provide a quick and rich lather and make rinsing fun and easy.

YES!  Expertly trimmed and cleaned Mediterranean Fine Silk sea sponges make a wonderful alternative to today’s traditional tampons.  They’re healthier, safer, and far more comfortable. 

Natural sponges are used for thousands of years due to their unique properties. The natural sponge is highly absorbent, creates a rich foam, plush touches the skin and gently cleanses the skin without irritation while preventing the concentration of bacteria or mold. Because natural sponge is a living organism, it is very durable, lint as industrial sponges, stain resistant, hypoallergenic, does not retain odors and make your bathroom luxurious treat! Thanks to it’s velvet touch natural sponge is ideal for massage and gives the body a unique relaxation experience.

  • Which sea sponges are best for wall painting arts and crafts?

All natural sea sponges are amazing tools for creating unique and beautiful textural patterns and wall-art of all kinds, but we have found that Honeycomb sponge and Grass Sponge are the best choices for large scale wall painting. These two kinds are absorbent enough to take in just the right amount of paint, while firm enough to leave a crisp and clear pattern on the wall. 

For luxury washing and detailing of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, jet skis, RVs, boats, and all other vehicles with delicate paint we recommended using our Honeycomb Sponge. Honecomb sponges are more  durable but at the same time the have soft and porous texture. We do not recommend using any other sea sponge for cleaning delicate painted surfaces, as their natural texture or lack of careful processing could scratch your paint.