High quality natural sea sponges selected one by one for your personal care with the guarantee of Kalymnos Shop.

Are they environmentally friendly?

YES! Natural Sponges are truly 100% natural product from their cellular structure, to their natural minerals and their ecological processing. They are fully biodegradable. Natural Sponges are also environmentally friendly due to sustainable harvesting as it is done with minimal impact to the environment which has actually been proven to promote the growth of sponge colonies and enhance the ocean ecosystem. Sponge harvesting is done with care to ensure that the base (roots) of the sponge remains in place so that the sponge has the opportunity to regenerate and regrow back to its original form.

Natural sea sponge is a renewable resource from the sea which has been harvested for over 200 years. If not harvested, sponges have a maximum lifespan of about 10 years, harvesting allows them to be re-created and extend their lifespan.