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Ways of payment

Ways of payment

Pay with Cash on delivery:

Pay with cash when you receive your order.

Transfer money to our Bank Account:

You can choose the bank that is more convinient to you and deposit the amount of your order.
After you place your order our Accounting Department will contact you in order to give you our Bank details in order to complete your payment.

Your order will be shipped once you send us a copy of your deposit with the order number written on it. You can send the copy  by email at

Using a Credit Card with the Winbank secure payment system:

  • Operation at 24-hour basis.
  • Receiving payments from Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express, of any bank.
  • Possibility of canceling the transaction.
  • Sending e-mail to the cardholder for information on the charge card or cancel the transaction.
  •  High security level.
  •  Support trade 3D-Secure (type a password in the entry of the card by the customer debtor, if the bank issuing the card supports this method).
  •  Ability to provide interest-free installments for the client (optional).




Account No: 0026.0421.01.0200240638, IBAN GR42026042100000000010200240638


Account No: 5719-071140-396, IBAN GR43 0172 7190 0057 1907 1140 396


Account No: 15800210101164767, IBAN GR54 0140 1580 1580 0210 1164 767


Account No: 366/500815-85, IBAN GR8401103660000036650081585


IBAN: LT503250086965991988, BIC: REVOLT21

You can pay for your orders through paypal if you have an account or direct from your credit card.

Currently we accept the following type of credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express