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What is a Jade roller?

What is a Jade Roller?

Let’s get things right from the beginning. For starters, when we say Jade Roller we are talking about a tool with 1 or 2 rollers that are made of jade. Jade is a crystal, and if you have little faith in the energies and the old medical sciences that thought these things had healing properties, then you probably just found your morning and daily occupation!

How does it work?

Crystal massage facial relaxes muscles, stimulates blood vessels, eliminates toxins while removing swelling (after moving the lymph) while helping the face to radiate and appear youthful and fresh. It should also be noted that the aid of proper blood supply to the areas by eliminating fine lines while being combined with a moisturizing product enhances deep nourishment while deeply relaxing and discharging muscle tension due to the low temperature (therefore it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator).

How to do face massage with Jade Roller?

It is simple! On the morning you wake up, follow the steps in the same order as you did, but finish – once you’ve applied your eye cream – with a roller massage, either more intense or more gentle friction.

Alternatively, in the evening and before going to bed, lightly massage the area with a small amount of dry oil, taking advantage of its properties!

Why jade?

Jade is a healing semiprecious stone and has been used in medicine since antiquity. Its name derives from the Greek word kidney because of its healing properties in kidney disease.

It has a characteristic bright green color and is considered the ultimate symbol of calm, serenity, abundance, wisdom and perfection.

It is believed to strengthen the immune system, cure diseases related to the urinary and psychological disorders, and bring about a balance in metabolism.