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Things you must know in order to choose the best sponge!

Natural sponge advantages over synthetic (usually industrial product derived from petroleum ) are, apart from natural , abrasion resistant and very soft (not scraping the skin ) , and is extremely hydrophilic . The complex system of channels and holes which features allows it to absorb water several times its volume, without eliminating it . It features a self-cleaning system , does not stain and does not retain odors.
The best sponges – by far – are those of the Aegean and the Mediterranean in general because of the specific marine conditions and the greater amount of salt that gives durable sponges superior quality. Imported come from the Caribbean and other regions of the Atlantic. Strengths sponges also gives the Gulf of Mexico.
Depending on the quality and maintenance of good Greek sponge can maintain 2-10 years . To take care of , you can rent Rinse thoroughly after use to leave any trace of soap to drain and letting it dry up in dry, ventilated area . The second grade imported dissolved usually in 1-2 months ( at worst 1-2 weeks , depending on usage) .
From the nature of the marine sponge contains enzymes that neutralize any harmful microorganism. However and in it can grow bacteria if not cared for properly: For example , if it remains thrown in the tub full of soap and hair . Also if it has been contaminated with other materials , such as adhesives ( happens to cheap imported sponges ) .
The dark brown is more resistance , because they have undergone less processing. Pale yellow spiced and softer , but less resistant . Especially for babies , suggested the light .
All well sponges when very wet , should have a soft texture when spun cotton and be very elastic ( to soustaroun ) . They can also be used for cosmetic – hydrating use on the face , in similar care and attention.
The criterion for buying a really quality natural sponge , for those who do not know how to recognize visually , is its price. Usually starts at 10 euro and goes up depending on size and quality. But it needs care in choosing , because – like complaining Kalymnians merchants – no imported sponges marketed baptized Greek .
The correct size is the one that fits well into the palm.