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The Bamboovement BV Bamboo hair comb


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Looking for a simple comb? We present you a 100% natural bamboo comb. You definitely won’t need more and at the same time, you set the tone with a new and plastic-free standard.

You may think that a tiny, little comb does no harm. But if everyone thought that way, nothing could be further from the truth. Both its production and its disposal are harmful to our environment. Now, imagine the number of combs in this world. It is an unimaginable quantity, which we ought to try to reduce rather than increase.

Our solution? The bamboo comb. Not only better for nature, but also better for your hair.

Why is the bamboo comb better for your hair?
Quite simply, the secret lies in the tiny, rounded spikes with which you gently massage your scalp. In this way you stimulate blood circulation, which in turn leads to less breakage and hair loss. It can even tickle hair growth. And if that’s not enough: you also prevent static electricity in your hair.

Sustainable and animal-friendly bamboo
Like many of our products, this beautiful comb is made of bamboo. For a variety of reasons, bamboo is an extremely sustainable material. First and foremost, it is the fastest growing plant in the world. The species we use, moso bamboo, grows up to one meter a day under optimal conditions.

The origin and cycle of a bamboo plant is also very sustainable. Bamboo does not grow from seeds but from an extensive root system. Using bamboo for at least five years keeps the root system healthy and intact and new branches grow continuously.

Most importantly, however, we are not a threat to everything. Their diet consists of more than 90% bamboo. Fortunately, they prefer to eat the leaves that grow close to the ground. Therefore, their choice does not fall on bamboo moso. The leaves of this species grow very high.

Part of a greener world
From our partnership with the International Human Values Association and Eden Reforestation Programs (ERP), we plant a tree for each market. We do this together with ERP, a global tree planting specialist. They operate in 8 countries on three different continents and have already planted nearly 500 million trees.

Dimensions: 13,5 × 3 × 0,3 cm

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The Bamboovement BV Bamboo hair comb


In stock