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Nuud Vegan αποσμητικό Black 15ml


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Effective for 3-7 days, with one application. Sports, exercise or showering do not affect the effectiveness of nuud.

A 15ml deodorant lasts about 10 weeks!!!

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Say no to the chemicals, waste, allergic reactions, salts (aluminium) and poor performance of traditional deodorants and say yes to nuud.

All natural anti-odor ingredients in an organic plastic cane tube.

Nuud is effective for 3-7 days!

Nuud is extremely effective, completely innocuous. Harmless to your body and health.

No ingredients of animal origin. No animal testing.

100% vegan.
free of aluminium
without salts
without propellants
without mineral oils
without parabens
without artificial fragrances and without unintelligible chemical compounds.
It does not stain clothes.
Packaging made of 100% recyclable sugar cane
Comes packaged in unbleached, biodegradable FSC cardboard.

Nuud has only 10 ingredients. The most important is micro silver, which naturally prevents the smell of sweat without blocking pores or irritating the skin. In addition, we use certified, natural ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil wax and almond oil to preserve the micro silver.

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Nuud Vegan αποσμητικό Black 15ml


In stock