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Laouta Gazia Body Oil “Silica Free”


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Acacia Body Oil contains a rich blend of nourishing oils & herbal extracts which

provide deep hydration and a natural shimmer to the skin. Its floral scent and

luminous golden finish take you back to the fragrant paved roads of Athens.

99% natural, Aromatherapy oil

Certified Vegan | GMO free | cruelty free


Made in Greece

Inside the bottle

Helichrysum Flower Extract: Helichrysum is very beneficial for the skin, helps promote healthy and glowing skin and cell regeneration.

Powerful moisturizing blend: Olive oil, almond oil and apricot kernel oil are a powerful moisturizing blend of vegetable oils.

Lemon essential oil: Lemon essential oil improves the appearance of the skin & regulates sebum production.

Way of use


Moisturizing body oil: Apply to your entire body for instant hydration and radiance! For best results, apply twice a day to areas that need extra care.


For a natural dewy look, apply a small amount to the face angles, on clean skin or over the make up!

Naturally glowing face, the ultimate makeup trend!

Enrich your face cream

Mix with face or body cream for extra hydration and nutrition!


helichrysum, olive oil, almond oil, coconut fractionated, apricot oil, avocando oil,mica.

slightly scented with lemon, jasmin & acacia

99% Natural product, handmade in Greece

No synthetic colors, preservatives.

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Active ingredient

Laouta Gazia Body Oil “Silica Free”


In stock