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Lamazuna Set of 3 toothbrush heads – Extra soft


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Keep the handle. Just change the head!

The bristles of your replaceable-head toothbrush will wear out after about three months, at which point it’s time to change the head! Simply remove the old one, snap on a new one, and remember to send your used toothbrush heads to us so we can recycle them with TerraCycle!

The extra soft toothbrush head cares for your gums, and is designed to prevent them from bleeding while still ensuring you can clean your teeth properly!

Our medium and soft toothbrush heads didn’t provide a solution for extra-sensitive gums, which is why we’ve brought out a new extra soft head for your replaceable-head toothbrush.

A toothbrush with a replaceable head, so you can remove it and snap on a new one. Genius!

We chose this system for our toothbrushes, as French recycling plants can’t process waste that measures less than 3 cm. This means that the head of a bamboo toothbrush – or indeed any “recyclable” toothbrush head – is not actually recycled.

We work with TerraCycle so that our used heads can be given a new life via a process that really recycles them!

How to use it

It takes just seconds to change the head of your toothbrush! Press the back of the head to push it out of the handle, then simply snap on a new one.

Remember to change the head every three months. It’s important!

Keep the snap-on head out of the reach of children under the age of five.


Each toothbrush head consists of an ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) base – a thermoplastic with excellent resistance to shocks and humidity. There’s also a metal ring and, of course, the bristles.

The bristles of our extra soft heads are made from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) – a material that allows the bristles to go back to their original shape after brushing.

With the exception of the metal ring, the toothbrush heads both come from and are made in Italy.

As for the colour, we use vegan dyes, naturally!

Lamazuna Set of 3 toothbrush heads – Extra soft


In stock