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Lamazuna menstrual cup Size 1

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Lamazuna menstrual cup replaces tampons and pads and can be used for 10 years!

A menstrual cup gives you freedom and comfort!

  • 100% platinum medical grade silicone
  • Lasts for up to 6 hours
  • No risk of leakage
  • No embarrassment
  • Extremely discreet
  • Organic cotton pouch

The Lamazuna menstrual cup is made in France, in the Vaucluse region.

Choose size 1 for light flow and size 2 for moderate or heavy flow or if you have already given birth vaginally. If in doubt, go for size 2!

Size 1: Diameter: 42 mm / Length: 47 mm / Capacity: 23 ml

Size 2: Diameter: 46 mm / Length: 52 mm / Capacity: 30 ml

How To Use It

Fold the menstrual cup and insert it into the vaginal opening. You can leave it on for up to six hours.

To remove it, first wash your hands, then pinch the bottom of the cup to stop the suction and gently pull out the stem.

Empty it, rinse it with tap water, then put it back in.

A period cup is completely invisible. It won’t cause any embarrassment and you’ll forget it’s even there!

The small holes in the rim of the cup create a suction effect, so the cup forms a seal and there is no risk of leaks.

How To Take Care Of It

Before each use: sterilise the menstrual cup by boiling it for 10 minutes.

During your cycle: rinse with cold water (to avoid stains) or wipe with paper.

At the end of your cycle: store the menstrual cup in its organic cotton case, not in a tightly closed box.

What it is made of
The menstrual cup has many advantages! It does not contain latex, phthalates and bleaching agents. It is soft, flexible and easy to clean. In addition, it offers much higher quality and longer life than conventional silicone.

It comes with a GOTS certified organic cotton bag made in India.

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Lamazuna menstrual cup Size 1

26.30 Original price was: € price is: €22.90.

In stock