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Gaia Menstrual cup Small


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The Gaia Cup menstrual cup is: Ecological – no unnecessary waste of hygiene products. Healthy – no allergies, no known cases of toxic shock syndrome, does not cause inflammation, does not dry the mucous membranes, does not affect the vaginal environment.

Protects your health

By using the Gaia Cup, you will protect your body from the negative effects of the chemicals found in common chlorine bleach coatings, especially tampons. Gaia Cup does not cause toxic shock syndrome (TSS) like tampons.

Saves money

With the Gaia Cup, you will never have to spend a lot of money on sanitary napkins and tampons. Try to calculate how much you will spend on sanitary pads or tampons in total during the 40 years of the menstrual cycle.

Protects the environment

With the Gaia Cup, you will never have to throw in inserts or tampons in the trash again. Can you imagine how many piles of non-degradable and non-recyclable plastic-coated pulp you would not create using the period cup?

The package includes

1 cotton pouch
1 package Gaia magic touch 50gr (see instructions for use in the respective product)
1 Gaia Pad fabric sanitary napkin made of 100% GOTS organic cotton, for 200% protection!
SMALL size – for girls and women under 25 who have not yet given birth.

outer diameter 38.5 mm
length 50 mm without stem
trunk length 10 mm
softer than L
volume 20 ml (on the side holes) / 23 ml (on the edge)

Suitable for medium / high neck position (with vaginal length 7cm and above).

On menstrual days, the cervix in many women lowers. Check the length of the vagina with your finger up to the neck, on heavy days of your period.

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Gaia Menstrual cup Small


In stock