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Cosmetic & Facial cleaning sea sponge


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Luxurious natural sea sponges ideal for facial use! 

Natural Cosmetic sea sponge is Super Long Lasting (2-6 years) when rinsed off thoroughly under cool running water and dried before the next use.

We are sure that from the first use you will notice the difference between natural and synthetic ones.

Large cosmetic sponge at 3-3.5 inches, is ideal for facial cleansing.
Medium sponge at 2-2.5 inches is usually preferred for makeup, toner and moisturizer applications.
Small the 1,5-2 inches sponges are a great substitute to disposable cotton balls, since they can be used and reused for similar purposes, including nail polish removal and first aid applications.

Each natural sea sponge from Kalymnos Shop is top quality, Hand harvested, Natural and ideal for your personal care and has the following characteristics: 

  •  100% organic, hypoallergenic and toxin-free.
  •  Eco friendly (fully biodegradable)
  •  Antibacterial : exfoliates, leaves your skin radiant and smooth 
  •  Antifungal
  •  Anti odor
  •  Super elastic and durable
  •  Super soft when wet
  •  Healthy and skin friendly even for newborns 

Natural sponges are Super Long Lasting (2-6 years) when rinsed off thoroughly under cool running water and dried before the next use.

100% made with natural ingredients Earth friendly products 100% Hypoallergenic product

Maintenance instructions

First, to extend the life of your natural sponge, soak it for 15 minutes – every few weeks – in 1 cup of lukewarm water plus 1 tablespoon of baking soda, then rinse it and let it dry (preferably hang it in a drying bag) and it will be ready to use. The baking soda will rejuvenate its cellular structure, naturally clean it thoroughly and will greatly increase the durability of your sponge!!!
If you are using it as a tampon just repeat the above process with more frequency, every day or every other day.

NEVER use bleach on a natural sponge as it will weaken the structure over time. Also do not use a microwave or clothes dryer. This will shrink and harden your sponge. Finally never use hot water on your sponge , because you may damage it!!!

Generally you should know that before each use your sponges need to be left under lukewarm water to soften and get their final shape (size) .This is due to the fact that natural sponges are harder when dry and become very soft-soft-swollen when wet as they are highly absorbent!




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Cosmetic sea sponge & Facial cleaning

Cosmetic & Facial cleaning sea sponge