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111 Elies Natural Born Kisser Lip balm in 5 flavors


Soft, smooth lips all year round with the help of nature.

Our NATURAL BORN KISSERS-lip balms as their main active ingredient have dragon’s blood which is a plant resin that has many beneficial ingredients for skin regeneration and anti-aging.

Its antioxidant power is greater than that of vitamin C!

In addition to dragon’s blood, the product contains beeswax, almond oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, shea butter, chamomile extract, calendula extract and vitamin E.

It is a product that offers simultaneous hydrationhealing and anti-aging for the lip area

It smoothes out and protects your lips from all extreme weather condition

Its new packaging is made of durable paper/cardboard suitable for food and cosmetic products and it is 100% recyclable!

Because it fits more than double the amount of most lipbalms sold, with each package sold, 2 plastic packages are off the market!

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honey, natural, pomegranate, spearmint, tangerine

111 Elies Natural Born Kisser Lip balm in 5 flavors