Reusable cups are better for the environment

    Disposable cups are often under-recycled and end up in landfills. Also, many disposable cups are not even recyclable. Even many disposable paper cups are lined with plastic to make them waterproof, and this plastic cannot be separated from the cardboard. Reusable cups are more sustainable and will reduce your waste!

    Reusable cups are better for your health

    The plastic lids that come with disposable plastic cups are often made of plastic. This type of plastic is a polystyrene that seeps into your coffee. Styrene is a type of carcinogen, so it’s best to avoid it! In addition, paper cups are unfortunately not much safer. The glue inside them can break down and release melamine, which is harmful to drink.

    Reusable mugs can save you money!

    Many cafes and coffee shops will give you a discount on your drinks if you bring your own glasses. Many larger coffee chains, such as Starbucks, do this and many local coffee shops have adopted similar programs.